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Signs You Need an Emergency Tooth Extraction

The need for a tooth extraction arises when there is severe decay and pain. While the option of fillings and crowns is offered by dentists, this may not resolve severe problems. Under certain conditions, an emergency tooth extraction yakima service is essential.

What is emergency dental extraction?

Tooth extraction is necessary in the case of trauma, disease, or crowding in the teeth. This requires the immediate removal of the tooth to prevent further damage and alleviate pain. The procedure is labeled an emergency if the patient experiences bleeding, excruciating pain, and other such symptoms.

Symptoms to look out for

·    Severe sensitivity of the tooth or acute pain in the teeth or gums

·    The tooth is loose

·    The presence of pus or white fluid in the mouth

·    Painful swelling of the mouth

If you are suffering from the symptoms listed, getting the infected tooth extracted is essential.

Reasons for tooth extractions


An injury that causes trauma to the teeth is one of the most common reasons to receive a tooth extraction. Depending on the individual case, dentists can attempt to save the tooth. However, extreme conditions require tooth extraction.

Dental abscess

An infection surrounding or in the tooth causing a pocket of pus is known as a dental abscess. This condition is usually quite painful and requires an emergency tooth extraction.

emergency tooth extraction yakima

Periodontal disease

Advanced periodontal disease can cause pockets of bone decay that go up to five millimeters. Depending on the severity of the decay, an emergency tooth extraction is required.


An emergency tooth extraction can prevent further infection of the mouth and gums as well as alleviate extreme pain. Availing of these services is important if the damage caused is beyond repair. If you experience any of the given symptoms, visit your dentist immediately.

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