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Saving Your Summer Vacation From Bugs

The summer is a time for fun in the sun and relaxation.  The last thing that you want to have happen is be attacked by unwanted guests such as ants, flies and mosquitoes.  For the typical person these insects are not really a problem until we start to go out and invade their world.  From there they tend to make themselves known.  If this sounds like a situation you have experienced, then mosquito control camden is something that you will want to look into.

Use screened in areas

One of the best things that you can do is use an enclosed area for your parties and events.  This for some people is a no go since they want to be out in the sun and soaking up the rays.  However, when these insects are most active, you will want to have this enclosure to save your party.

Wrap it up early

Mosquitoes tend to come out at dusk.  This is when the weather starts to get cool and the sun begins to set.  When this happens, you will want to consider moving your party inside or within a screened in area.  If you don’t want to go inside, then you may want to consider a structure that is made from netting.  This will allow you to remain outside as well as keep the bugs away.

Don’t drink beer

This is a big no, no for most people.  When we drink alcohol our blood chemistry changes, and this change is an attraction for mosquitoes.  If you are someone who is a target for these creatures it is a wise idea that you don’t drink or drink and stay outside or unprotected.  If you do then you are making yourself a target.

Use candles and smoke

mosquito control camden

One thing that will help protect you is fire and smoke.  Burn candles and torches to emit smoke.  This smoke will drive off mosquitoes and you can enjoy the party.

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